The Glamoury

Vintage glamour with a contemporary pushback. Our approach to The Glamoury, an innovative concept for a styling salon specializing in professional makeup application and hairstyling, demanded a rich and luxurious treatment in the face of serious size constraints. Eschewing the crisp, white laboratory look of contemporary industry salons, we opted for deeply saturated, jewel-toned hues and custom floral wallpaper with art deco-inspired mirrored surfaces, mixed metals, and rounded shapes to soften the edges of this shoebox space. With an eye to inverting the expectation of the Hollywood Regency style, flattering, multi-source lighting in various temperatures, with brushed brass sconces at each station (to mimic the globe lights of the classic Hollywood-style vanity) give each area of the salon a distinct purpose and personality.

Photography by Knauf and Brown, Allison Kuhl. Brand by Glasfurd & Walker.