Savio Volpe

A synthesis of what we call ‘Italian Farmhouse Modern’, Osteria Savio Volpe reveals an ongoing interplay of the assertive and simple, elemental and modernist–the counterbalance of the Italian culture itself. Strongly inspired by three Icons of Italian design–Carlo Mollino, Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari–the intended result was a balance of simplicity, drama and irreverence using a series of humble vs pretty juxtapositions. All of the finishes are rooted in an earthy quality, much like most roadside ‘osterias’ or country taverns throughout Italy; in that vein, the food, products, herbs and preserves are as focal as the paintings on the walls. A mix of fabric lampshade sconces and opaline glass in contrast to modernist and “nonna” lighting; pleated oak walls form a modest rhythmic backdrop from which the sartorial quality of mixed banquet seating could stand apart. With a strategy based focus, the design direction was a marriage of a deep understanding of the business goals (accessible yet elevated neighbourhood joint) and design insight that understands and enhances those goals. To wit, a central eating bar became the nerve center of the room creating a strong community nucleus while bespoke shelving surrounding the open kitchen framed the wood fire grill and rotisserie while showcasing the restaurant’s pride in their collection of Italian groceries, house made preserves and unique all Italian wine collection. The overall impression is focused and ordered but most importantly warm, fun and welcoming.

Photography by Knauf and Brown. Brand by Glasfurd & Walker.