Meat & Bread

The positioning and strategy of both a brand and a design that would be built around the essentials. A sandwich shop concept known simply as Meat and Bread (now with five West Coast locations between Vancouver and Seattle), with design cues coming from the notion of simple butchery with quality ingredients. The space of the original location was stripped down to reflect a push and pull between a rough, industrial sensibility and a pared-back Scandinavian simplicity; the sandwich would be showcased front and centre, stripped of all bells and whistles, with just a handful of options on the menu. We wanted the act of sandwich making to take on a theatrical quality, with people coming in and watching them carve the meat; in this way, the entire space becomes an exercise in intuiting the guest experience. We essentially eliminated the division between back and front of house to create true transparency; guests can talk to the people making their food right in front of them, can see exactly how they’re preparing it and what ingredients they’re using. We then took both the palette and the guest experience of the first store and reinvented it in subtle and unique ways with every new location. Each shop’s fundamental programming remains the same, while adopting characteristics specific to its environment: downtown Vancouver’s Meat and Bread is a little more polished; Gastown’s is more gritty; The Seattle locations leaned more design forward. With every iteration we’ve tried to really understand their brand position and to find new and interesting ways to reinterpret its identity every time.

Photography by Haris Kenjar (Meat and Bread Capitol Hill), Christopher Flett (Gastown), Luis Validzon (Victoria).
Brand by Glasfurd & Walker.