La Tana

La Tana — loosely translating in Italian to “The Den” and pointing to the idea that this was the home of our beloved Fox, Savio. An old world-inspired establishment, Caffè La Tana is styled after the Italian alimentari: a small,neighbourhood gathering place serving pastries and simple meals; brewing strong, Italian style espresso; making fresh pasta in house; and stocking the finest imported Italian meats, cheeses and dry goods.

Bedecked with deep green marble, antique shelving and custom woodwork, classic tiled flooring, and a tailor-made, hand-drawn wallpaper, the space is a physical manifestation of the Italians’ age-old gift of making art out of life, as best exemplified by the Pasta Fresca station, where guests can watch the pastaio’s labour of love in progress.

Photography by Ian Lanterman & Conrad Brown. Brand by Glasfurd & Walker.