Homer Street Cafe & Bar

Part new development and part heritage renovation, our strategy with Homer Street Café* was to preserve the building’s distinguished heritage for the feel of a French grand café–to create an unassuming gathering place for the neighbourhood. Just as the French-trained chef built the menu around a famed piece of Parisian rotisserie equipment, so did we approach the design: by cultivating a narrative through history. Using vintage materials, furniture and fixtures, sourced through our design collaborator Scott Landon, we pushed for creative tension between two dueling sensibilities: Calacatta marble and patterned café tiles juxtaposing coarse and rough materials; wainscoting in a lit archway adjacent to a dark black room of gold-framed rooster paintings. Further, to take advantage of the space’s natural division, we created several smaller, more contained rooms, more characteristic of a house; while all are connected through the material palette, there exists the opportunity to surprise around ever corner.

As with many of our projects, we also closely collaborated with the brand designers Glasfurd & Walker to ensure accessories such as plates, dishware, napkins and the like, were cohesive with the interior environment, palette and feel.

* Design collaboration with Linus Lam & Scott Landon Antiques

Brand and Identity by Glasfurd & Walker
Photography by Janis Nicolay & Dorrington Reid