Positioned at Vancouver’s transit hub—Gilmore Presentation Centre is an integration of the historically disparate concepts of travel and home. As the sales centre for Gilmore Place—a 12 acre residency, office, and retail development—there was a desire to understand who a buyer may be, not through prescriptive of design but rather through reflecting the community and connecting to larger concepts of urban phenomenology.

As part of the city’s urban revitalization and located on a central public transit line, the development is an innovative, and purposely engineered location. Centred around the strategic design elements of a well-appointed train station, the design reflects the comfort of the golden age of rail travel that invites conversation and interaction. Delicate black metalwork and white marble tile throughout the space quote Art Deco while sleek glass and a contemporary palette introduces Futurism. The sales centre is a reflection of a lifestyle that is designed with intent and the purpose to connect.