Cambie Gardens

Backdropping Cambie Gardens display gallery is Vancouver’s historic Queen Elizabeth Park. The park, perennial in nature, offers a site of continued discovery and evolution. Our design approach was similar–centred around both the exciting and emotive nature of discovery. Designed with a cinematographer’s vision, the space offers a glimpse into a potential new home, while evoking the dream-like state of imagining one’s own future.

Natural light and neutral tones welcome guests into the space, creating a hazy, warm ambience throughout. Textured, slubbed textiles meet with smooth olive and cappuccino leathers, offering a varied, natural play on material and touch. The dramatic curvature of the space’s focal point, a tea service bar, expands on this narrative; offering warmth and sustenance in a time of discovery.

A gentle awakening from a daydream.

Featuring clips from Maya Deren’s 1943 experimental film, Meshes in the Afternoon.

Photography by Conrad Brown. Styling by Kate Richard.