A balance of classicism & minimalism. To reinvent this retail space, without alienating its decades-loyal clientele, we excavated the entire shop, retaining the spatial layout to guide shoppers through the store in a natural and familiar motion. Boboli’s double-façade–one half women’s apparel, the other half men’s–saw the lion’s share of shoppers entering the space through the women’s department; as such, we re-imagined that side as an elegant and refined living room that would function as the social centre of the space–rich, mid-toned woods and custom brushed brass fixtures added warmth to the alabaster walls; while mouldings, marble and rounded archways wove in the building’s classical heritage. Where the women’s side was intimate and soft, the men’s was made to feel more monolithic and gallery-like–a massive, open space stripped to its concrete floors, with raw rock slabs for display tables and poured-in-place concrete pillars, stained black, to integrate the custom clothing racks. The tension between these two styles would serve to pull people throughout the store.

Photography by Glasfurd & Walker and Allison Kuhl. Brand by Glasfurd & Walker.