Ask for Luigi

An honest interpretation of what Italian dining means to us personally. Designing Ask for Luigi cued off the conversations we’d had with the restaurant’s co-owners about growing up with Italian grandparents–homes replete with ’70s wood panelling and boisterous family meals. Wanting to pack the room with people to create that sense of familial closeness to an almost uncomfortable degree, we filled the room with numerous small tables to feed the energy and atmosphere. Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, the ubiquitous wood panelling is light and clean, reflecting light in the day and warming up the space at night. It was important to us all that the room not feel contrived or over-wrought; the lack of notable embellishment allow the subtle cues–nostalgic black-and-white checkerboard flooring, lit wall panelling and fluted glass-detailed cabinetry—to quietly play against the endearingly casual green vinyl benches and diner-style menu board.

Photography by Christopher Flett. Brand by Glasfurd & Walker.